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Restore the natural balance of your body with bio-individualized therapies uniquely designed for you

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“We offer the ability to understand the Human Being, not as a set of problems to fix, but as a system.”

Dr. Peter Mölleney, Founder & CEO Wegamed
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Reveal the Root Cause of the Problem

Getting healthier begins with understanding and addressing the root causes rather than the symptoms

We Look Deeper

But more importantly we look for the inward signals that most other doctors miss. This is where our non-invasive diagnostic tests and assessments provide important markers for:

  • Food Sensitivities
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Inflammation Markers
  • System Dysregulation
  • Emotional/Mental States
  • Functional Disorders
  • Genetic/Immunological Markers
  • Toxic Load - Chemicals, Heavy Metals
We Look Deeper
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Your Individualized Bio-Wellness Report

We design bio-individualized therapies around you

We are all Biochemically Unique

We are all Biochemically Unique

Simply stated, bio-individuality means we are all unique - biochemically, physically, emotionally, and mentally. So why would we accept a “universal” approach to addressing our own unique health and nutritional needs?

At Soul Spring, we specialize in discovering what makes you…you. We understand that biological factors and stress factors influence your personality, behavior, mental health and immune system.

There are about 60 chemical elements in our bodies, and each plays a key role in the expression of our genes. We inherit characteristics from our parents, as well as from ancestors on both sides of our family. While diet and stressful life events can create biochemical imbalances, the root cause of health challenges often goes back to genetics and epigenetics (the influence of environmental factors in a person’s life that turns genes ‘on’ and ‘off’ without changing the DNA sequence). Additionally, nutrient imbalances – both deficiencies and excess – can alter brain levels of key neurotransmitters and in turn lead to brain and behavioral health issues.

Our bio-individualized therapies and treatments combine thousands of years of natural medicine wisdom with cutting-edge technology to address these imbalances and restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Find out how Soul Spring can design a bio-individualized experience for you….

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Understanding Your Bio-Individuality

In 8-minutes we will complete a comprehensive biological assessment using innovative technology


Without drawing a single drop of blood or asking for a urine or stool sample, we will immediately report:

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What You Can Initially Expect

We listen, learn and begin treatments to quickly recalibrate what’s best for you

What Can You Expect When You Visit Soul Spring?

Our Medical Directors and practitioners will personally work with you to understand your health concerns and design a comprehensive therapy plan. Although each individual’s therapy plan is unique, it is broadly divided into the following steps:

Onboarding - <br/>Holistic Diagnostics and Assessment


Onboarding -
Holistic Diagnostics and Assessment

We begin by understanding the cause rather than focusing on the symptoms

Detailed, non-invasive diagnostic testing and assessments allow us to look for stressors, toxins, and imbalances

Past lab results are reviewed and special labs ordered if necessary

Initial Consultation - <br/>Development of a Personalized Therapy Plan


Initial Consultation -
Development of a Personalized Therapy Plan

Results of the diagnostic testing provide a roadmap to underlying imbalances and/or dysregulations

The Medical Director creates a personalized therapy plan from the roadmap to address root cause(s) and deliver an integrative approach to your unique healing journey

Emphasis on nutrients, herbal remedies, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep hygiene, stress management, mindfulness practices, etc. For chronic and/or complex conditions, an advanced therapy plan is made.

The Therapy Journey - <br/>Your Path to Wellness


The Therapy Journey -
Your Path to Wellness

Personalized therapy plans include bio-individualized detoxification and regeneration therapies designed to correct dysfunctional biological processes within the body, restoring and strengthening the natural healing capacity of the body's cells and organs

Emotional-mental harmonization, self-therapy and integration programs may also be included in your therapy journey

Mid-Journey Revisit - <br/>Assessment for Any Adjustment


Mid-Journey Revisit -
Assessment for Any Adjustment

Assessment of your progress and response to therapies and treatment protocols

Any necessary adjustments or additions to your therapy plan are made

Personalized compounding prescriptions (for specific complex and/or chronic conditions) are discussed in this visit

Personalized Supplements, Remedies & Biologics


Personalized Supplements, Remedies & Biologics

To support you in your wellness journey, personalized supplements, remedies and biologics may be included in your therapy plan

Lifestyle Education


Lifestyle Education

We want to help you achieve balance between mind, body and soul

Enhance your wellness journey with our mindfulness and meditation tools, nutrition consultations and life coaching

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Top Medical Doctors & Expert Practitioners

Empowered doctors and practitioners with holistic training and transformative medical technology

Top Medical Doctors & Expert Practitioners
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This Is the Way of Holistic Health.

Soul Spring bio-wellness centers have top board-certified Medical Doctors and practitioners to bring balance to your mind-body-soul.

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